Quick Tip: Hijab Storage Ideas

Looking for ideas to revamp your hijab storage? Here’s some tips from Amena, owner and founder of Pearl Daisy

Out with the old, in with the new.

Periodically clear your stash of hijabs that you have not reached for every quarter. Like they say, out of sight, out of mind. If you don’t seek it, you don’t miss it (I just made that up!)

There’s no point in hoarding hijabs that you no longer use. The only thing they do is take up storage. By clearing them periodically, you’ll have room for new hijabs with the same space.

You can donate the unused hijabs to charity or give them away to your family and friends. You can also make a fun get-together out of it. Get your gal pals together and swap hijabs over tea and biscuits. Someone else’s trash can become someone’s treasure.

The dividers that you see in the video can be purchased from Daiso for only $2. I believe it comes in different widths too.

Happy storing!


Quick Tip: Pre-wash

Don’t you just hate it when you wash your new clothes or hijabs and the color transfers to your other items in the washer too?

Here’s a quick tip. Although it can be a pain to do, it sure helps to save the other items from being destroyed beyond repair!

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Quick Tip: DIY No-Snag Hijab Pins

If you’ve ever had to cut fabric out of your hijab pins or have holes on your hijabs – this tip is for you!

You will need a couple of items: Cotton-bud, studs from an earring and your hijab pin of choice.

Remove the cotton part of the cotton-bud. Slot this piece of cotton into the hijab pin, pushing it all the way to the end. Alternatively, take the stud from an earring and slot it into the hijab pin.

Here’s a video showing you how. Enjoy!

How to Hijab