Spotlight on Blossom’s Threads

The ladies behind Blossom’s Threads, Adilah and Hannan met with us for an exclusive feature behind the brand. Read on to find out more about them.

About the history of Blossom’s Threads…

In early 2009, we started “Blossom’s Threads”, mainly selling ladies’ clothing (normal and plus size) on Facebook and also on our website

We wanted a name that was unique and catching. We thought about the essence of what we were selling and came up with “Threads”. It was later integrated with “Blossom’s” just to add a more fun and girly vibe to the name. Our customers eventually termed us as “BT”, short for Blossom’s Threads.

In 2010, we started “BT Hijabi”, introducing a line of Muslimah-friendly clothing and hijab.

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