Quick Tip: Hijab Storage Ideas

Looking for ideas to revamp your hijab storage? Here’s some tips from Amena, owner and founder of Pearl Daisy

Out with the old, in with the new.

Periodically clear your stash of hijabs that you have not reached for every quarter. Like they say, out of sight, out of mind. If you don’t seek it, you don’t miss it (I just made that up!)

There’s no point in hoarding hijabs that you no longer use. The only thing they do is take up storage. By clearing them periodically, you’ll have room for new hijabs with the same space.

You can donate the unused hijabs to charity or give them away to your family and friends. You can also make a fun get-together out of it. Get your gal pals together and swap hijabs over tea and biscuits. Someone else’s trash can become someone’s treasure.

The dividers that you see in the video can be purchased from Daiso for only $2. I believe it comes in different widths too.

Happy storing!


Headlines: Muslim Women Slowly Breaking Sports Barrier

Originally published at New America Media

by Rochelle Bargo

The women entered the brightly colored room with sets of kickboxing equipment lined up on the side. Some slowly took off their scarves, also known as a hijab, and jilbab, revealing their workout gear underneath.

Their fitness instructor, Phalestinah Abdo, welcomes them with the words, “Assalamu ‘alaykum” (Peace be with you). Responding with the words, “Wa ‘alaykum salaam,” they began stretching their arms, starting their cardio kickboxing routine with two sharp jabs and a hook.

Although there is nothing in the Quran that forbids Muslim women from exercising, they are not allowed to exercise uncovered or have physical contact with men. However, there are many stories well known to Muslims about women going to battles.

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Fabulous Finds: Spanish Hijabs (Part I)

We ventured to Spain this past December and brought back tons of goodies! Quite surprised at the massive amounts of hijabs that were available!

There were a whole range of designs from the simple basic prints to the “loud” ones. We were spoilt for choice to say the least. The hijabs that we purchased were along the lines of crinkled and maxis which we didn’t think can be found here in Singapore. Prices range from € 3 to 6 and are made of a mix between cotton, polyester and viscose.

…from Cordoba

Opposite the bus stop to Medina Az-Zahra, there was a bazaar that stretched along the whole street that carried almost everything ranging from socks, perfumes, food and bags. We found this cute little number tucked inside one of the stalls.

…from Madrid

At the El Rastro Market (on Sundays), we came across tons of stalls that have beautiful hijabs and couldn’t resist picking up a few. We could’ve spent all day, shoulder to shoulder with the thousands of people who flock there weekly.

Spotlight on SixteenR

If you’re in the market for quirky and funky designs on your hijab, look no further than to SixteenR! Check them out on Facebook too.

Designer & Founder of 16R- Nancy Hoque:

I design scarves for Muslim and non-Muslim women which I hope will make them feel confident and beautiful. I believe scarves do empower. I intend 16R to revolutionize the way scarves are perceived. When a woman wears a 16R scarf, they are wearing a statement.

Currently, SixteenR has three collections available: Yellow Depot, U Street and Supersonic. Check them out here. Our current favourites are Chinese Olive Pashmina and Turquoise Brown. Which one’s your favourite and fancy?

Here’s one of their latest tutorials on how to side-knot headscarf.