Headlines: Saudi Arabia’s Sarah Attar gets standing ovation at Olympic Stadium

by Staff Writers


The London Games have just had their ‘Eric the Eel’ moment, and it came in the form of a diminutive middle-distance runner who lives in California.

The Olympic spirit was on full display in London on Wednesday as Sarah Attar, the first female track athlete to compete for Saudi Arabia in the Olympics, was cheered every step of the way in her 800m heat.

In the end, she completed the two laps of the track nearly 45 seconds behind the winner, but her participation alone represented an historic moment.

Dressed in a long-sleeved green training top, long jogging bottoms and a white hijab, she certainly stood out on the start line in sweltering heat in the Olympic Stadium.

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Headlines: Muslim Women Slowly Breaking Sports Barrier

Originally published at New America Media

by Rochelle Bargo

The women entered the brightly colored room with sets of kickboxing equipment lined up on the side. Some slowly took off their scarves, also known as a hijab, and jilbab, revealing their workout gear underneath.

Their fitness instructor, Phalestinah Abdo, welcomes them with the words, “Assalamu ‘alaykum” (Peace be with you). Responding with the words, “Wa ‘alaykum salaam,” they began stretching their arms, starting their cardio kickboxing routine with two sharp jabs and a hook.

Although there is nothing in the Quran that forbids Muslim women from exercising, they are not allowed to exercise uncovered or have physical contact with men. However, there are many stories well known to Muslims about women going to battles.

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Headlines: US Fashion Mogul sued over Hijab

Have you ever been discriminated against at work for wearing the hijab? Were you declined an interview because of the hijab? Have you been asked during a job interview if you would remove your hijab during work?

In June 2011, a US Muslim women sued a major fashion house, Abercrombie & Fitch when she was fired from her job for her refusal to remove her hijab.

US Muslim Sues Fashion Mogul over Hijab – Americas – News – OnIslam.net.

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