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My biggest realization was that the hijâb was not just about wearing a scarf on my head, but more of a (veil) on my heart. (Saba M. Baig, New Brunswick, New Jersey)

Among the most prominent characteristics of the Muslim woman are her strength of character, mature way of thinking, and serious conduct. These are qualities which the Muslim woman possesses both before and after marriage, because they are the result of her understanding of Islam and her awareness of her mission in life. (Excerpts from The Ideal Muslimah)

Islam encourages the Muslim women to stand out among people, readily distinguishable by the way they dress, by their appearance and behaviour, so that they will be a good example, worthy of the great message that they bring to humanity. (Excerpts from The Ideal Muslimah)

The term hijab is commonly understood in the English-speaking Western world, as a type of headscarf worn by Muslim women. This definition of the hijab does not even start to scratch the surface. At face value, hijab is a piece of cloth that Muslim women don but there is a deeper meaning and sentiment to it.

Hijab is now given the wider meaning of modesty, privacy and morality. It is more than just wearing the hijab. It encompasses your whole way of life. It defines you as a person and your actions. It might be the missing piece that brings your life to a full circle. It might bring solitary to some, safety to others and even closeness to the Al-Mighty. It is also a bold statement conveying the message – I am a Muslim woman and I wear the hijab – making you feeling confident in your own abilities and being taken seriously by the masses.

How to Hijab is a lifestyle blog aimed at enriching your experience as you start this new chapter of your life, whether you’re a beginner or a “veteran”. We hope to expand our reach to the readers making it an active online community, helping Muslim women worldwide to step out of their shell with a great outlook in life, going out with your best hijab forward.

There will be featured videos, interesting reads, lifestyle and beauty pieces, inspirational and motivational excerpts and so much more! If you love combining fashion and modesty, this is the place to be featuring exclusive interviews with designers together with unbiased reviews.

If you have any articles or videos, your personal stories to share, or know of someone who does, do email them to howtohijab@yahoo.com

A new and enriching life is waiting for you…

Farha, Creator/Editor of How to Hijab


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